Business Owner Planning

We help business owners see their business from a different angle. Multiple advisors may handle your business and personal wealth, but who collaborates on the overall plan? 

To address the problems caused by nonalignment, we coordinate wealth management, consulting, and execution services to offer all-inclusive business owner planning.


We help business owners capitalize on opportunities and maintain the integrity of their businesses.

Growth Plans

We strive to implement protection measures and strategic growth plans.

Exit Plans

We help you determine an exit strategy that aligns with your financial objectives and timeline.

We use a deep discovery process to understand all aspects of your business, including growth opportunities and key employee protection. Then, we craft a comprehensive blueprint to pave the way for your journey, aligning your business values with your personal wealth.

Our team comprises seasoned financial advisors, legacy planners, and business strategists. We understand that each business has unique attributes and challenges, and we apply a coordinated process to analyze and understand your business.

Ovisto™ Wealth Management can help you mitigate risks associated with growth and longevity and optimize your business so you can aim to achieve the highest value from an eventual sale.


Asset Allocation Strategies

We help you diversify your investment portfolio to reduce risk and strive to maximize returns based on your risk tolerance and long-term goals.
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Business Owner Planning

We help business owners manage their complex wealth challenges and opportunities – including business finances, asset protection, and exit planning.
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Estate and Legacy Planning

We work with you to preserve and transfer your wealth to future generations while minimizing taxes and supporting your philanthropic goals.
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Retirement Planning

We help you maximize your savings and generate retirement income so you can enjoy your retirement years to the fullest.
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Risk Management Strategies

We conduct a comprehensive risk assessment and develop a plan to mitigate your risks and protect your wealth.
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Turn Vision Into Reality